The entire world needs clean drinking water

The entire world needs clean drinking water

13 march 2024 0000
Ekin Berke Eleman. Export Regional Sales Executive, SUPERLIT

Our company is a manufacturer of pressure and non-pressure fiberglass pipes (GRP) up to latest international standards.

These pipes can be used in clean and drinking water, irrigation, HPP, water discharge, stormwater, water treatment, seawater intake and discharge, water storage systems, and trenchless applications.

When we learned about the International Water Industry Exhibition, we decided to visit it to find consulting companies and gain access to the Azerbaijani market. We do not care whether they are Turkish or Azerbaijani entities. Besides, we are planning on meeting state officials here.

Such international-scale exhibitions are a must for both major companies and small enterprises. The point is, the industry juggernauts are gathering in one place, so one may purchase new products and conclude important long-term contracts.

As far as the Water Industry exhibition is concerned, it is our hope that it will become an established tradition. It is not a secret that every corner of the world today is facing problems with water; humanity must muster all its knowledge and power to counter the 'water famine' and control unaccounted use of drinking water.
Azerbaijan today is channeling all its resources to restore Karabakh; among the projects underway there are those concerning water resources as well. The exhibition therefore is of economic significance for both the country and the wider region.