Quite a few renowned companies in the same place!

Quite a few renowned companies in the same place!

13 march 2024 0000
George Gotoshia, CEO, QUANTUM GROUP

I represent REVELIO, a company that builds sensor networks in Georgia. We install smart meters that last up to one year on one single battery, a very feasible and profitable solution.
When I learned about the International Water Industry Exhibition, I decided to seek potential partners here. But first, I had to learn about Azerbaijan's water industry and find out whether they are ready for cutting-edge technology.

I have just met MILLA representatives, and they were interested in my offer. Maybe we will sit down after the exhibition and mull the details of our cooperation.
I believe exhibitions today are an inseparable component of human life and its development. Despite the current event being small from the global standpoint, the organizers managed to bring together quite a few companies.

Exhibitions move companies to act; they assist local entities in finding representatives in other countries and foreign entity in sharing their know-how.
Georgia, unfortunately, does not see many such events; Baku, on the other hand, is a completely different story. That probably is an indicator of the country's economic growth. I noticed that, apart from water industry companies, represented at the event are local universities and ministries, and visitors may meet them too if they so desire.

Among pressing matters nowadays are the ones related to use of water resources and improvement of situation with potable water. Automatic (ultra-precision) irrigation and water consumption monitoring systems become increasingly important to that end. The more efficient the control, the more possible it becomes to resolve the issue. It was not possible a while back, but now, as technologies evolve, we have achieved a lot in this field.