Potable water deficiency spells global crisis

Potable water deficiency spells global crisis

13 march 2024 0000
Tural Orujov, Head of Division, GUBA CANNING FACTORY LLC

I came to the International Water Industry Exhibition with my colleagues. We use potable water at our plants, so this event must help us look for new products. At the pavilion entrance, I spotted a stand with machines we need to install cables.
I am a frequenter of exhibitions held in the Baku Expo Center; they always help me find long-term partners and manufacturers. Besides, such international events enable us to review new products we had no idea existed. They do what regular ads cannot. As they are held, the quality of services will rise, ultimately resulting in a prospering Azerbaijan.

Potable water deficiency, I regret to say, spells a global-scale crisis. And it all stems from the fact that consumers do not use it rationally. But it was not always the case. I was brought up in the countryside; springs with clean and delicious water were everywhere. Little did I know that one day I would have to buy it in the store. Back in the days, bottled water was scorned by local dwellers; now, huge PET bottles are commonplace in virtually each rural house. And that is the clear sign of an aggravating potable water deficiency. We must hold frequent awareness raising events, this exhibition among them, to stop this process once and for all.